Friday, November 16, 2007


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OFOC is a Long Island based ska/rock band with Edward Cullen on guitar, Jimmy Niemcyzk on tenor sax, Faraz Alli on Bass, Nicholas Vannuchi on alto sax and vocals, Kenny Mahone on trombone and vocals, and Jeff Zeitler on drums. Their music is reminiscent of the classic garage punk, but heavily dominated by ska-style sax and trombone. Their discography:

Release Date: Dec. 8, 2007
1 Not Gonna Happen (live)
2 No idea (live)
3 Aggro Crag (live)
4 The Mahatma (live)
5 Black and White (live)
6 Tetris (live)
7 You Must Construct Additional Pylons (live)
8 The Mahatma (Broken and Confused)
9 No Idea (EP Version)

EP is for EPIC
Release Date: Dec. 29, 2007
1 Not Gonna Happen
2 (She Has) No Idea
3 Sirens on Merrick
4 Aggro Crag


Ian France is a solo New York based musician creating music entirely with a computer software. His music uses an accumulation of excited drum beats, soft, simple organ notes and echoey acoustic guitar, but varies from electronica to indie rock. Ian currently resides in the state of New York, where he is working on an album and is the chief author and editor of Danish Poet Blog.


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