Friday, December 5, 2008

Eksi Ekso

Tom Martin from over at AAM emailed me recently about a Boston sextet called Eksi Ekso. I'd never heard of them before, but when I listened to some of their tracks I was pretty surprised. I didn't know bands like this still existed. Bands with total instrumental and lyrical passion, are few at best, and Eksi Ekso is one of them. The newly formed brainchild of The Burning Paris and On Fire, Eksi Ekso has the experience of a decades old group, and the finesse of a hip rock band, with obvious influences ranging from Black Sabbath to Can. Overall, Eksi Ekso could be described as an musically intuitive, creative force, with a bright future in their midst; a gem found in a pile of ashes. So far, they've come out with a fantastic album on disc and vinyl, titled I Am Your Bastard Wings. MP3s after the jump. 

Track List:
01 The Wintering
02 O' God, They've Frozen
03 Killing Texas
04 The Choir Will Always Sing
05 Albatross
06 I Though You Died Last Time
07 Nitnb
08 Mavri
09 The Gallows
10 Just Leave
11 (Spouse Of) The Blind Hunter
12 Russian Excuse

You can download the album via iTunes, or order it on Amazon, but until then, here are three of the best songs off the album. Thanks for the email Tom. 

Eksi Ekso - Just Leave
Eksi Ekso - Killing Texas

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