Monday, December 8, 2008

Why isn't DP on the HM?

The Hype Machine, or "Hypem", is a fantastic website that skillfully categorizes and lists all free music downloads posted on almost every music blog there is. It creates widgets, organizes posts by most popular and recent, and gives links to the downloadable track, EP, or album. 

However, I was scrolling through Hypem's list of music blogs the other day on their website, and found that not only was I not listed, but nor were my fellow bloggers Chalky and Greg, over at TLS and MDR (yeah, I know, too many acronyms). Anywho, Hypem's a brilliant way to popularize your blog, and I would deeply appreciate it if all my readers here submitted a form to Hypem, asking for Danish Poet Blog to be included on their blog list. Just enter my url ( in the box here. If it says something like, "Danish Poet Blog has been reviewed and currently is not included in the Hype Machine." Then I would be eternally grateful if you were to send a message to Hypem requesting Danish Poet on the blog list. You can go here, and simply cut and copy what I already have written below:

Dear Hypem,

I have found to my surprise that the music blog Danish Poet Blog ( is not included on your blog list. I have tried to recommend the blog, but for some reason, you will not allow it on your site. I would (as I'm sure would many) deeply appreciate it if you were to add this blog to your blog list. If you still continue refuse to, please explain why.

Love, [insert name here]

If you were to actually submit this form I would love you forever. Cheers! Until then, here are some downloads:



Lily Hydrangea said...

will do!

Double Hawk said...

Hype me! I will love YOU forever! (Just kidding, kinda)

Double Hawk said...

Unless of course it's just for music downloads then forget my previous statement...

Chalky said...

As Gordon Ramsey would say "Done!"

Hope to see you up there soon.

PS Strangely enough this blog was listed in the blog listing drop down box when I was making a comment but when I searched for it in HypeM, nada!
Hope it works out!

btw Thanks for the shout out! :-)