Thursday, December 11, 2008

DP on the HM Continued

If you recall a couple of posts ago, I was talking about how Danish Poet Blog wasn't listed as one of the blogs on The Hype Machine's music blog list. Hypem, an MP3 music blog resource, is one of the more popular blogging networks, that not only helps popularize blogs with MP3 links, but also shares fantastic tracks over the internet. Well, I had asked all of my faithful readers to please enter in my blog for submission of the list, and if that didn't work, to please write them a letter (which they could copy and paste off of my website). As you can guess it meant a lot to me, so you can possibly imagine how thrilled I am to tell you that it worked! DP's now listed! Thank you so much, everyone, for your thoughtful contribution. I am forever in your debt. Now, check out my blog (as listed on Hypem) in all its beautiful glory. Oh, and as a proper thank you, I put up the currently five most popular tracks listed on Hypem for free download. Triple CHEERS!

Fake Blood - Mars


alt-gramma said...

That is great news! Being on Hype makes a major difference. I'm also adding you to the blogroll at our new Speed of Dark blogsite.

All the best!

Ian France said...

Thanks for the comment Speedy, it's an honor to be on your blogroll!

Chalky said...

Glad it worked out