Monday, August 11, 2008

Creative Advertising

The Advertising industry seems as if with each day it is trying harder to catch one's eye. Walking in New York City I noticed this sign advertising an Ice Factory. However, what made me stop and take this picture was not the factory name, but how it was displayed. I love the idea of using your imagination when trying to advertise something rather than plopping a huge ugly billboard out in the middle of the rural countryside.

I remembered in an issue of Creativity Magazine there was an article on a McDonald's billboard that had caught the eye of many. 

This sign doesn't advertise fresh grown lettuce, but grows fresh lettuce right on the advertisement. Over the course of three weeks, 16 varieties of lettuce found in McDonald's salads were planted and grown on a billboard in Chicago. At first it just looked like dirt on a sign, but soon it became what it advertised - fresh salad. However, with a little research one could find that this idea was not new to McDonald's advertising. In fact, they had done it before.

Only with Carrots.

Here is a link to a website that features many interesting types of advertisements:

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Anonymous said...

Well written and interesting!

Arnold Layne said...

thank you very much.