Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Getty Images Moodstream

Getty Images is a leading supplier of stock photos, film and music for creative and editorial purposes. Getty Images Moodstream, as described on the website, "is a powerful brainstorming tool designed to help take you in inspiring, unexpected directions." Visitors to the Getty Images Website can make a series of "moodboards" that consist of a customized soundtrack and a sequence of rapidly changing Getty Images depending on your mood or the mood you want to create. You can change your mood with the "moodstream sliders" that appear on the upper left hand corner. Are you happy and humorous, or calm and serious? You can choose how long to show each image for and the type of transition between images, you can choose if you want the music with less vocals or with more vocals, and you can also choose if you want the images to be nostalgic, contemporary, warm, or cold. Once you are done with viewing your moodboard you can save it in your moodboard stock in the upper right hand corner of the screen. With the moodboard stock you an also play moodboards you had created in the past or make new ones.

Here is a link to the Getty Images Moodstream webiste:

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