Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Music Video Update: House of Cards

Radiohead's latest music video, House of Cards, is very unique. The song is off the album In Rainbows, which was released this summer, but what has made the video eagerly anticipated by many was the fact that it was made entirely with advanced laser scanners. The laser scanner machine was actually being worked on at the UCLA Media Lab when James Frost, Blip Boutique CD and Zoo director, introduced the idea to Thom Yorke. Pretty soon, the lead singer of Radiohead was scanning his face into the multimillion dollar machine to create this long-awaited, visual masterpiece.

Radiohead - House of Cards

Here's a link to a website where you can download the video, or actually edit different parts of the video yourself:

Radiohead TBD Records


Anonymous said...

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Arnold Layne said...

Thank you very much, I really appreciate the support.