Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The New iPod Nano

The new iPod Nano 8 gig was unveiled at today's "Let's Rock" Apple event in California along with the new iPod Touch and the new iPod classic. However, though all of this may sound like big news, the reality is, that it isn't. Photos of the new iPod Nano had been floating around the internet for weeks already, and the differences made to the iPhone and the iPod Classic weren't very large, other than a new feature added to the iPod Touch called "Genius" and a downgrade in the iPod Classic. Nonetheless, this event was an eagerly anticipated product launch, and being that there were no more surprises other than iPod Nanos in every color of the rainbow and Jack Johnson playing a couple of songs for the finale, shares in Apple fell 3 percent during the presentation. However, the event was a horrible let down. If you like Jack Johnson, bright colors, and the new feature added to the iPod Nano called "shake to shuffle", then it went great. 

Why the change from small and squat to tall and slim? In an interview with CNN, Steve Jobs said that he had made the third generation iPod Nano a very "squarish" design so that they could fit in a hi-res screen. However, he also stated they had in fact managed to add the screen to the new iPod Nano AND make it the thinnest iPod yet. 

A thin but peppy Steve Jobs unveils the new iPod Nano.

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