Sunday, September 14, 2008

RAC Remixes

RAC (Remix Artists Collective) is a remix agency started by the Portugese 23-year-old Andre Allan Anjos, a musical and artistic genius that has made a profession out of remixing songs by bands from any genre. In their own words, they "provide re-interpretations/remixes of individual songs for artists/labels. Above all, we strive for excellence and tastefulness regardless of genre. We aim to maintain a style of remixing that strays from the “club mix” archetype, creating new incarnations of songs that stem from the original structure, but expand on their genre and musical arrangement. RAC mixes typically feature a unique blend of hip-hop drum samples, analog synthesizers, melodic hooks, and original performed instrumentation." 

RAC's worked with the Shins, RadioheadTokyo Police Club, and many more. You can listen to some of their remixes on their portfolio, or on the indie rock music site Stereogum.

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