Saturday, October 25, 2008

Music Video Update: Honey Honey

This is the new music video for Honey Honey, by Feist. When you think of a Feist video, you think mostly of elegant, close-up shots of her, dancing or singing her heart out for a good three minutes. However, this video is as far away from that as you can possibly get. Honey Honey is a very elegant, dreamy song, and the video portrays the feel very well. Opening up with the lighting of a candle, the film weaves a story so dramatic (for little clay sailors at least) it is actually quite beautiful. You may laugh when you see this video, or you may cry, but either way, it is a very creative video, and certainly has its artistic touches. 

Feist - Honey Honey


Anonymous said...

wow that is really dark for feist...

i wish she would stop playing arenas so i could go see her live again

mansuetude said...

i really love this whole sound, the images too-- its so almost pre-verbal ... thanks.