Sunday, November 2, 2008

Circular Painting

Circular Painting is a timelapse, artistic, masterpiece, painted on a circular piece of canvas and made for the Discovery Channel in South Africa. The theme was the environment and the artist's responses to it, or, "the fate of the earth". Various artists, musicians and animators contributed over a non-stop twelve hour period to make this two minute film. What I personally find amazing about this video, is that you can see how each artist's unique style contributed to it and how it all fit together beautifully. Not to mention how the vid conveys an important message so creatively. 

Conceptualized and directed by Bryan Little, of Fly on the Wall media, definitely one of the more creative and insightful media production agencies out there. Check out their vimeo channel here


Bryan Devlin
Luis Tolosana
Warren Lewis
Ree Treweek
Daniel Ting Chong
Mike Morocco
Toyah Moon Humphreys
Paul Ressel
Josh Ginsburg

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