Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Hours - See The Light

Well, there's been a music video floating around the blogosphere lately, titled See The Light, by The HoursI've never heard of them before, and I don't think I'm the only one, but apparently they've worked with  legends Joe Strummer, Shaun Ryder and Jarvis Cocker. After releasing their debut album in '06, they've now been playing off their latest single, See The Light, with a remix by Calvin Harris (of course). The original song I must say is something to appreciate, with its dramatic echoes and ballad-y piano. Here's the download for Calvin Harris's take on the track:


And here's the legendary music video, directed by Tony Kaye and staring english actress Sienna Miller. It'd definitely slightly creepy, if not more, but it's also pretty thought provoking and creative. 

The See The Light single will be released December 8th, via digital download or a sweet 12" vinyl designed by english artist Damien Hirst himself. This band's shooting high.

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