Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Music Video Update: Swissex Lovers

Fight Bite just released their music vid for Swissex Lovers. Made by layering archival film commercials and news reel footage, Fight Bite's put together one of the most ingenious, creepy, yet beautiful music videos I've seen in a while. To some it might just be a cheap mish-mosh of layered videos, fading in and out of each other like some music video a low-budget 80's band would come up with. To me, this is a truly and arguably a work of indie art. You don't find many videos like this, though you do find videos that try to achieve this. Just for a heads up, it'd definitely long and drawn out, but it's worth a watch. And hey, it's got some claymation!

Fight Bite - Swissex Lovers

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